To retain her partner, she fakes pregnancy, drugs and kills a woman to steal her baby

Nogales.- Alison Guadalupe Homecoming. The girl, barely 44 days old, after being robbed by two women, was handed over by the Prosecutor’s Office to her grandmother and her father, since they killed her mother in order to take her away.

The Prosecutor of Sonora, Claudia Indira Contreras Córdovaaccompanied by the mayor of Nogales, Juan Francisco Gim, and the minor’s father, announced the motive for the crime perpetrated on Friday night and early Saturday, May 7.

Iris Jazmin pretended to have access to a baby to justify in reality a fictional pregnancyin order to retain their partner.

For this, he carried out a planning that includes the search for possible victims.

This is how, accompanied by her cousin Vanesa, Iris Jazmin arrived from Agua Prieta to Nogales and found in Adriana and little Alison, who was 44 days old, the opportunity to achieve their purpose.

The abduction of Alison Guadalupe Ayala Leal, born on March 24, 2022, occurred in the La Mesa neighborhood, in Nogales, Sonora, where the alleged aggressors deprived the life of Adriana, 33, the mother of the baby, and attacked the life of his grandmother, Gabina, 56 years old.

The victims had had contact with the women hours before when they were offered “raite” after leaving a hospital.

They took them to their house and left them there. Later, the two women returned and brought them food and drink, which they ate and lost consciousness.

Upon waking up, Gabina realized that she was tied up and observed that her daughter was too, but she was lifeless, she managed to untie herself and ask for help, after realizing that her granddaughter was not there.

From dawn on May 7, an Amber Alert was issued, requesting the support of the community to locate this little girl, an alert that was also issued nationwide, said the Attorney General of Justice of the State.

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The search actions were carried out by land and air in the national territory, and the collaboration of the heads of the United States Consulate General in Hermosillo and Nogales and the United States Customs and Border Protection Office was established.

In addition, there was the collaboration of the land transport lines and airlines based in transit through Sonora, since the priority was to find the whereabouts of the little girl, and citizen collaboration was essential.

As a result of the rapid investigations, in less than 24 hours the vehicle where the two probable perpetrators were traveling was located and the faces were obtained through video images, for which work was carried out to complete their identification.

This made it possible to locate the minor at a private address in the city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, for which the Amber Alert was deactivated.

Three women arrested inside the home where the stolen baby was

Three women were arrested for the crimes of illegal deprivation of the minor, of the femicide of Adriana, her mother, and of the aggression against Gabina, the grandmother.

Iris Jazmin “N”, 31 years old, originally from Agua Prieta, Sonora and by trade, a commercial employee, who appears as the intellectual and material author of the crime.

Vanesa Lizbeth “N”: Iris, 22 years old, also from Agua Prieta and cousin of Iris Jazmin “N”, who appears as the material co-author of the events

Maribel “N”, 52 years old, dedicated to the home, native and resident of Agua Prieta, and mother of Iris Jazmin “N. who was present at the time of the arrest in flagrante delicto.

The expert opinion carried out at the Forensic Scientific Laboratory (CIF) in Hermosillo, on the body of Adriana, and the grandmother of Alison Guadalupe, shows a positive result for Benzodiazepine, Alprasolan and Diazepan, bio-relaxing, sedative, anxiolytic and amnesic drugs, which they consumed with the food.

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This Monday, May 9, the case will be prosecuted, in order to determine the legal status of each of the people listed in the investigation folder.

Iris Jazmin “N” and Vanesa “N” for the crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty, femicide, attempted femicide, and aggravated robbery; From Maribel “N” for defining her legal situation.

Nogales City Council will support little Alison and her family

The Nogales City Council reported that it will bear the funeral expenses of the mother and offer food, economic and psychological support to the family of baby Alison Guadalupe.

“We deeply regret the death of a mother of a family, but we are glad that little Alison Guadalupe has been rescued safe and sound,” said the mayor.

Juan Gim Nogales accompanied prosecutor Claudia Índira Contreras Córdova at all times, who reported that little Alison Guadalupe was recovered by state investigators in Agua Prieta.

After being reported missing by her relatives and an amber alert was launched to search for the minor, elements of the Municipal Preventive Police immediately began to collaborate with state authorities.

Each of the levels of government collaborated in what is within their competence, commented the Municipal President.

“The excellent relationship we have with the United States immigration authorities prevented the minor from being transported to the United States, until she was located in Agua Prieta, which filled us with great satisfaction, because they managed to find her safe and sound and arrest those who They deprived her of her liberty,” the municipal official stated.

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“We are very satisfied with these results and we continue to collaborate with the authorities investigating the case, because there may be something more delicate regarding the matter of the girl.”

The governor himself Alfonso Durazo Montano, He was very attentive to the issue and gave instructions to clarify it, and that makes us more attentive to this type of case, he commented.

“As the Municipal Government we will be very close to the relatives of the minor to provide them with all the support, both financial and moral, and we will also take care of the funeral expenses, but we are also doing it with the investigating authorities,” he said.

Juan Gim Nogales recognized and congratulated the Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic, whose elements did their part in this investigative work.

“There are instructions from the Governor to reach the final consequences regarding the case and if there are more people involved, to proceed with the full weight of the law, because it is very certain that more people will be complicit in the act,” he stressed.

In addition, the prosecutor Claudia Índira Contreras and the president of Nogales commented that they will continue to support the family since they are three girls, Alison and two little sisters, who have been orphaned and live in precarious economic conditions.

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