To promote weight loss.. Specific times to avoid eating

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Australian nutritionist Susie Bruel has revealed the times when food should be avoided in order to lose weight, after research showed that it may be responsible for adding around 750 calories per day.

Brouil stated that the three times during which you are likely to eat a lot and significantly increase your daily caloric intake are around 11 am, 3:15 pm and 9:30 pm.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, a British nutritional supplement company had done research on those “high-risk” times, and found that those who were trying to lose weight consumed an additional 750 calories a day during those times.

The nutrition expert shared healthy, alternative meals that can be eaten during those times to avoid feeling hungry, and said that it is important to start the day with a rich breakfast in order to overcome the feeling of hunger at 11 am.

Suzy told the Australian TV channel “7 News”, that eating fewer calories than necessary during the first half of the day, not only ignites the feeling of hunger and the desire to eat in the late morning periods, but can also leave us vulnerable to eating more food in the morning. later in the day. Giving in to cravings also means it’s time to eat lunch later in the day.

Suzy recommends a healthy 10:30 meal like a yogurt with a piece of fruit to help us withstand if hunger strikes.

Likewise, we constantly crave afternoon food from three to four o’clock. “The types of food we associate with snacks at this time of day again tend to be sweet foods, such as crackers, chocolate and snack bars, which make us feel unsatisfied and more likely to have a hidden meal until dinner time,” Suzy said.

She recommends filling your afternoons with protein-rich snacks, such as a bar of nuts and vegetables with hummus or rice crackers.

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Also, two hours after dinner we might want to grab a treat to end the day while watching TV, even though this habit is described as “bad” because it puts us at risk of overeating.

And she calls during those times to teach ourselves not to eat after a certain hour, for example, at 8 or 9 pm. As for the evening snacks that you may agree to, it is a piece of dark chocolate, a single biscuit, or a small amount of ice cream.

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