To “PresaDiretta” the voice of peace

A special episode of PresaDiretta dedicated to the war in Ukraine, Monday 28 February, at 21.20 on Rai 3, to try to understand the reasons for this war and the new balance between the great powers, the role and weight of armaments. But above all to put at the center the reasons for peace expressed in the world by millions of people and to return to listen to the voice of the pacifists. Putin said that Ukraine is not a sovereign state, that it has always belonged to Russia, that entering the orbit of the West is a threat, so he unleashed a military invasion by taking the tanks to Kiev. But was war the only option? Meanwhile, the arms trade in the world has never stopped and there are still 13 thousand nuclear warheads in the hands of too many countries, which are not always reliable. A senseless arms race that will lead to more wars. Riccardo Iacona will talk about it with the envoys on the war front and with his guests in the studio. Carlotta Sami spokesperson for the United Nations Refugee Agency – UNHCR. Francesco Vignarca national coordinator of the Italian Disarmament Network. Orietta Moscatelli journalist expert on Russia and Eastern Europe. General Vincenzo Camporini, former Defense Chief of Staff. An evening full of Direct Presa, full of voices, testimonies and stories. Putin’s words and their true meaning; the images of the war and the protagonists live from Ukraine; the flight of the population and the new refugee emergency; a budget on arms spending that knows no crisis in Italy and beyond; the story of the cyber attacks that accompanied the escalation of Russian aggression in Ukraine; the forgotten war that has been fought in the Donbass in recent years and has caused thousands of deaths; the new axis between Russia and China. The words and courage of the pacifists in Italy, in the world and in Putin’s Russia. A PresaDiretta the voice of peace.

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