To help the heart, 3 foods that many eliminate from their diet are important

A recent study has overturned some beliefs about certain food intake and heart disease. Research published in the journal Cardiovascular Research highlighted the importance of diet and more. Food choices are important and can undermine health and well-being, according to the study.

And the final result is incredible, in fact, to help the heart, 3 foods that many eliminate from the diet are important.

Also, to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke there are 2 life-saving measures to take.

To consider that there are many factors related to lifestyle, such as low physical activity and smoking. These factors can modify cardiovascular risk. Hence, they can change the impact on atherosclerosis (buildup of plaque in the arteries).

The research is based on an in-depth study of the food pyramid, revised to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have found that consuming more plant-based foods can improve heart health. Instead, eat sophisticated grains or starchy foods.

While these conclusions seem obvious, they are not, because the study focuses on foods considered prohibited for those with cardiovascular disease.

To help the heart, 3 foods that many eliminate from their diet are important

In fact, the foods that can be reinserted into the diet, always with the support of your doctor, are not just 3 but many more.

According to research, three cups of coffee or tea a day can lead to improved cardiovascular health. Also on the benefits of coffee, a recent study confirmed that a simple cup of coffee can help reduce the risk of diabetes and improve mood.

The authors of the research observed that some dairy products could lead to a reduction in the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease.

This improvement comes from the probiotic effect of fermented dairy products. the researchers point out that taking probiotics improves the intestinal flora.

This promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Specifically, probiotics have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Finally, another food that stands out in the research is chocolate. The research data seems to recommend certain types of chocolate, because they are associated with a beneficial result on cardiovascular disease. Although the research data on this aspect are not entirely clear.

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