To become president himself: a doctor in the USA is said to have commissioned murder

To become president yourself
Doctor in USA is said to have commissioned murder

After the fatal attack on Haiti’s President Moïse, the police track down the alleged masterminds. Most of the men who attacked Moïse on the night of July 7th were said to have not known anything about the murder.

A former employee of the Haitian Ministry of Justice is said to have forwarded the order to murder President Jovenel Moïse to the attackers. The man told two Colombian mercenaries three days before the attack that this was their mission, said the chief of the Colombian national police, Jorge Vargas, in a video address on Friday. He relied on findings from joint investigations between Haitian and Colombian authorities with Interpol.

The man worked in an anti-corruption unit with the secret service, said Vargas. The Haitian police published search notices on Tuesday, including photos of the ex-official as well as an ex-senator and a third Haitian for murder, attempted murder and armed robbery. According to media reports, one of the Colombians was shot dead by police officers after the murder and the other arrested.

According to Vargas, they were among a group of four who had entered Haiti in late April. They were then later followed by 20 more Colombians. First, they were hired for security services through a Venezuelan company in the US city of Miami, said Vargas. Later, the ex-functionary and another man informed the two Colombians that they should arrest Moïse. After all, the job was then called murder – which, according to Vargas, most of the mercenary troops did not know.

The 53-year-old head of state was attacked and shot in his residence by a heavily armed commando on the night of July 7th. His wife survived injured. So far, 18 Colombians have been arrested and three more killed. Two Americans of Haitian origin and three Haitians were also arrested. Among them is a Haitian doctor who lives in the United States. The police accuse him of hiring the mercenaries to become president of the Caribbean state himself.


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