Tite terminates his contract as Brazil coach

Tite, in his time as a Brazilian coach. (AFP)
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Tite has terminated its contract with the Brazilian Football Confederation, who is still looking for a replacement. The coach, who had already announced his decision to leave the Canarinha behind the Qatar World Cup Regardless of the result, he went to the headquarters of the CBF after concluding the regulatory vacation period to formalize the end of his era as Brazil coach.

«This one who speaks to you is Adenor. I want to thank the players, the employees, the leaders and you, from the press, with whom I may have had divergences of opinion, but I always respect”, the now ex-Brazilian coach said in a brief statement that he gave at the headquarters Of the entity.

The coach, who refrained from giving any further statements, confirmed that he had signed the termination of the contract and refused to talk about his future and about the proposals he has received to assume command of some clubs. The former coach has hinted that he intends to take advantage of a sabbatical before assuming command of a club, preferably a European one. With Tite his contract was terminated by his direct assistants: Cléber Xavier, Matheus Bachi -son- and the World Cup player César Sampaio.

The situation of the coordinator of the Brazilian teams, the former footballer Juninho Paulistawill still be defined by the direction of the CBF Because up to now he has not resigned, but it is unknown if the entity will keep him in office with another selector.

With the rescission the era came to an end Tite in the Brazilian team, in which the Brazil He only lost six of the 81 games he has played since 2016 (60 wins and 15 draws), but he was prematurely eliminated from the World Cups in Russia and of Qatarand lost last year’s Copa América final against Argentinahis traditional rival.

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