Computer attacks on video game servers is something that has happened countless times in the past. However, there are times when some attacks are more dangerous for the user than others, since they severely compromise several of the player’s data.

Apparently a source has reported that Titanfall 2 has been hacked, and although at the moment neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have spoken officially, the most prudent thing to do seems to be to pay attention to the publication that the DirectXeon user has made through Discord.

Titanfall 2 has been hacked

As we can see, this user ensures that Titanfall 2 has been hacked, and that under no circumstances should we start the game. In fact, it invites us to uninstall the title, given the possible problems that could result from keeping the Respawn title on our hard drives.

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Although some users have been talking in the last hours that the error would only affect the game on PC, it seems that it really all platforms have been affected, so from here, despite lacking official confirmation, we invite users to take this information with some seriousness, to avoid any type of greater evil.

Be that as it may, if in the next few hours there is any new information from official sources, we will inform you about it so that you can get rid of doubts as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy Titanfall 2 again.

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