Nine thousand ladyfingers, 130 kilos of mascarpone. Almost forty thousand eggs. Then cocoa, sugar and of course coffee. These are the ingredients available to prepare the perfect tiramisu. With the ability to get out of the canons, also creating a customized version. The Tiramisù World Cup, contest in which 200 non-professional pastry chefs compete in the execution of one of the most loved and symbolic sweets of our country, even if the origin is debated. Two categories in the race: one for the original recipe, another for the creative one. The participants, coming from all over the world, were chosen, in the selections, by a popular jury composed of 15 members selected through an online test. In the final stages, however, the sweet creations were tasted by a commission of professionals in the sector. Various the criteria used for the evaluation: technical execution, aesthetic presentation, gustatory intensity, balance of the dish, flavor and harmony, harmony of taste and perception of lightness. And second Francesco Redi, organizer of the event, the quality was really high. In this article we reveal the winners of the two categories.

Tiramisu, recipe and tips

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