Tips for estate planning: bequeath real estate without family spasms

The inheritance of the parents is often a reason for quarrels for the children. Above all, the bereaved parental home holds potential for conflicts – because it is difficult to divide.

“In many cases, the parental property is a substantial part of their total assets,” says Mattia Hotz (38), estate expert at UBS.

If there are several children, the question arises as to who should get the house – and how the compensation to the siblings looks like. Is there sufficient other wealth to make the children equal?

Do not disadvantage a child

“Most parents want to treat their children the same,” says Gabrielle Sigg (43), head of will enforcement at VZ Vermögenszentrum. That is what inheritance law wants. But that is not always possible. For example, if there are not enough other assets in addition to the one property.

“If this is the case, the child who takes over the property has to pay off his siblings with his own assets, which can be a major financial burden,” says Hotz.



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