Tineco Floor One Pro 2: the vacuum cleaner that washes gets even better

A few months have passed since our initial analysis of Tineco Floor One S5a cordless robot vacuum cleaner that with a single pass sucks up the dust from the floor and at the same time cleans it with water and detergent. Of that product we appreciated the ease of use, the overall operation and the improvements introduced compared to the Floor One S3 model that preceded it on the market.

The latest addition to the Chinese company is the model Floor One S5 Pro 2, announced in May: an evolution of the Floor One S5 Pro model from which it differs for some interesting technical features. The first time you turn on the LCD screen, which plays some animations during operation and above all allows you to access new operating modes.

In fact, Floor One S5 Pro 2 implements a mode indicated with the name of Ultrawhich allows you to electrolyze clear water from the tap, contained in the tank so that it can carry out a deeper cleaning of the floor while remaining 100% natural. Next to this mode we find that Autowith which the suction intensity is managed automatically by the vacuum cleaner according to the dirt detected on the floor, that Max which proceeds to increase the suction power to the maximum in addition to that Suction which activates suction only without wetting the cleaning roller with the water present in the tank. The latter mode turns out to be very useful for vacuuming not only dust but also any liquids present on the floor.

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Tineco has implemented the water electrolysis function also for the self-cleaning mode of the product, automatic procedure that is performed at the end of each cleaning operation by simply pressing the button at the top of the handle. The time required for electrolysis of about 20 seconds, clearly indicated with a percentage screen on the screen, and allows on the paper to obtain an even more incisive action in cleaning the product.

Alongside these technical innovations, Floor One S5 Pro 2 retains the models that preceded it the easy maneuverability: the base easily follows the direction set by the user while the cleaning brush acts with a traction effect on the floor which facilitates movement, especially for those who can find it more difficult to push a vacuum cleaner of this type.

The brush is constructed in such a way that the right profile, the one typically in contact with the wall, has a gap with respect to the edge contained within a few millimeters: in this way it is ensured that the suction and washing action of the floor takes place as close as possible to the wall, without letting the edge be untreated.

Except for the LCD display it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye this Pro version of Flor One S5 from the standard one: both have identical dimensions and design, with extensive use of rigid plastics. The two tanks, the rear one for clear water and the front one dedicated to dark water, have a high capacity and do not typically require to be filled and emptied respectively when cleaning a medium-sized apartment.

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L’APP Tineco allows you to proceed directly from your smartphone with the configuration of some of the operating options of Floor One S5 Pro 2, albeit with limited overall margins. The reporting action is more useful, with which the daily usage time of the product is kept track. Included are the same accessories common to other Tineco products: a brush for detailed cleaning of the internal parts, a bottle of cleaning solution to pour into the clear water tank, a brush and a spare air filter and a series of plastic pins that clip into the charging base to position the accessories.

Floor One S5 Pro 2 is offered at a price of 629 including VAT, a figure that is to be compared with the 519 required for the Floor One S5 model. For an incremental cost of 100, the newcomer offers an LCD screen with animations, the water electrolysis function for both floor washing and automated product cleaning as well as a vacuum only mode that does not see the involvement. of the water in the tank. The important figure but justified by the technical characteristics of the product and, above all, by its ease of use: by integrating dust extraction and floor washing in a single product, it simplifies the cleaning of the floors of the house, with a final result that is always very valid.

The only warning to have, but this generally applies to all robots that vacuum and wash in a single pass, concerns the maintenance: it is essential, at the end of the house cleaning action, to proceed with the cleaning of the dark water tank to avoid the formation of unpleasant odors and to pay attention, with more automated cleaning actions carried out in sequence, than the washing water is no longer cloudy to indicate that the internal cleaning has been completed successfully. It takes a few minutes longer than what is required for cleaning the floors but in this way we ensure the best possible functioning of the product in the long term.

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