The 2021/22 Champions League enters the scene on its first day this Tuesday and next Wednesday. Chelsea starts defending her crown.

Not suitable for sensitive: This was the chilling injury of Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott

On September 14 (Tuesday) the activity begins and it will be at two times 10:45 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon, this in Honduras and Central America.

In the early hours, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United plays against Young Boys, the Red Devils visit the Swiss team.

Another attraction of the day is Barcelona vs Bayern Munich, both teams meet again after the historic 2-8. The champion (Chelsea) also makes his debut and will do so against local Zenit.

Real Madrid won with a comeback included and this is how the Spanish League position table remained

Already for Wednesday the most attractive matches are Inter-Real Madrid, Liverpool-Milan and Messi’s debut in the Champions League with PSG will be against Bruges of Belgium in visiting conditions.

This is how matchday 1 will be played

Tuesday, September 14

RB Salzburg vs Sevilla (10:45 A.M)
Manchester United vs Young Boys (10:45 A.M)
Wolfsburg vs Lille (1:00 P.M)
Atalanta vs Villarreal (1:00 P.M)
Zenit vs Chelsea (campeón) (1:00 P.M)
Juventus vs Mälmo (1:00 P.M)
Bayern Múnich vs Barcelona (1:00 P.M)
Benfica vs Dinamo Kiev (1:00 P.M)

Wednesday September 15

Borussia Dortmund vs Besiktas (10:45 A.M)
Shaktar vs Sheriff (10:45 A.M)
Real Madrid vs Inter Milan (1:00 PM)
Porto vs Atletico Madrid (1:00 PM)
PSG vs Club Brujas (1:00 P.M)
AC Milan vs Liverpool (1:00 P.M)
RB Leipzig vs Manchester City (subcampeón) (1:00 P.M)
Ajax vs Sporting Lisboa (1:00 P.M)

* These games will be broadcast on ESPN and TVC *

Champions League groups 2021/22

Group A: Manchester City, PSG, Leipzig and Bruges

B Group: Atlético de Madrid, Liverpool, Porto and Milan

Group C: Sporting de Lisboa, Dortmund, Ajax y Besiktas

Group D: Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Shakhtar and Sheriff

Group E: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Benfica and Dinamo Kiev

Group F: Villarreal, Manchester United, Atalanta y Young Boys

Group G: Lille, Seville, Salzburg and Wolfburg.

Group H: Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit y Malmo


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