TikTok’s internal browser would spy on users


MobileTikTok’s internal browser would spy on users

According to an expert, the Chinese app tracks data via its own internal navigation tool, but the social network denies this.

TikTok is singled out by a cybersecurity researcher.


Cybersecurity researcher Felix Krause warns against web browsers embedded in some apps on iOS and Android. “This leads to security and privacy risks for users,” he warns. The expert revealed that TikTok injects JavaScript code into its home web browser, which launches directly into the app when the user clicks on a link. This allows the social network to track sensitive user data, such as banking information or passwords, without their consent or that of the websites consulted, he explains. The researcher developed the tool. Accessible in free access, it is supposed to allow users to verify its statements for themselves.

The social network, which belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance and has just been launched a filter that generates images via an AI, defends itself against any malicious action. JavaScript code is injected into TikTok’s internal browser, but it is not used to collect typing or text input, according to a spokesperson for the tech company. It “is only used for debugging, troubleshooting and performance monitoring,” it says.

This is not the first time that Felix Krause has raised the alarm. He recently pointed the finger at apps from Meta, Instagram and Facebook for the same reasons. Meanwhile, the Snapchat app and the Robinhood brokerage app are good students.

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