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Where love sometimes falls…

A video on TikTok that is supposed to show a marriage proposal has been viewed 43 million times in the past few days. Nothing unusual so far.

However, the newly engaged is tender 19 years old – and his beloved 76! You read that right, Giuseppe and Melina are 57 years apart.

It has not been fully clarified whether the engagement is really an act of love or just a promotion to get followers on the net.

This screenshot from the TikTok video is said to show the engagementPhoto: milina_gatta / TikTok

The clip shows HIM on his knees while SHE holds a huge bunch of heart shaped balloons. And a kiss on the mouth. A diamond ring can also be seen, as well as the 76-year-old with flowers and the two alleged lovebirds dressed up.

The reaction of the network community? split. Some believe that love knows no age and Giuseppe and Melina are the best examples of this. The others think the whole action is a fake. Critics say Melina is the 19-year-old’s grandmother, he often calls her “Nonna” (Italian for “grandma”).

In the five days since publication, Giuseppe Danna has uploaded a whole host of other videos to TikTok. Most show the 19-year-old with his maybe fiancee.

They have made themselves chic!  Giuseppe and Melina on a trip

They have made themselves chic! Giuseppe and Melina on a tripPhoto: milina_gatta / TikTok

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Striking: In the last clip – another kissing scene – the 76-year-old looks anything but pleased with getting a kiss on the mouth. Possibly because it’s her grandson…

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