Tigres, sanctioned for improper alignment against Atlas; lose the game

The Disciplinary Commission issued its decision before the improper alignment presented by Tigres in the duel before Atlas of the semi-finals of Closure 2022same where the red and black of the Atlas sealed their pass to the final of the tournament that they will play against Pachuca.

The Commission was tough and did not touch the heart in the face of a serious breach of the regulations, such as the french input Florian Thauvin to the field of play, which caused that in the field there were more players not born in Mexico than allowed.

What happened to Tigres and the improper alignment?

In a press release, the Disciplinary Commission indicated that the cats would lose the return match 2-0 of the semifinals, received a economic fine and also all the goals that day they got, where deleted of the records of the Liga Mx.

How was the score for Tigres vs Atlas in the semifinals?

After the resolutions announced by the Disciplinary Commissionthe second leg of the semifinals between Tigres vs Atlas was officially 0-2 in favor of the red and blacks, which translates into a overall score of 5-0 for those from Jaliscoconsidering the 3-0 achieved in the first leg held at the Jalisco Stadium.

Thus, Tigres, who for a moment had given their fans great hope, with the goal of Igor Lichnovskywho at that time gave them the final pass, was never really even close to the series for the title, since, surely the Atlasas it has already done on another occasion, would have claimed the result and consequently they would be in the final of Liga MX in any way.

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Resolution of Nahuel Guzmán of the Disciplinary Commission

Finally The investigation was cheap for Nahuel Guzmán that the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federation did to him for the events that occurred at the end of the Second Leg match of the Semifinal against Atlas last Saturday.

As seen in a video that was sent to the Commission, the goalkeeper of the Tigres shouted “Scoundrels and corrupt!” presumably to the refereeing body that was in that game, headed by César Arturo Ramos.

However, the statement says that the “Patón” launched the insults on his own boardsomething that is clearly not the case.

This Thursday, a few minutes after four in the afternoon, the resolution through a statement on the FMF portalwhere it is reported that El Paton only received one economic fine and warning for these facts.

With this, Nahuel Guzmán will only miss day 1 of the 2022 Openingby staying with the suspension of a match for his expulsion in replacement time of the duel against Atlas.



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