Tickets for Graz – With the “Krone” to the premiere of “Family Dinner”

With the “crown” to the premiere of “Family Dinner”

Horror highlight from Austria with Pia Hierzegger: It’s not wrong to call some of the weight loss tips circulating on the web creepy. It can be even more devilish if your own aunt, who is a nutrition coach, is supposed to help you lose weight. In any case, the overweight teenager Simi (Nina Katlein) in Peter Hengl’s horror film “Family Dinner” has to experience this, which causes queasy stomachs. The “Krone” is giving away 30×2 cinema tickets for the premiere in Graz on January 26th. And for all those who cannot make it to the Styrian capital, we are also giving away 3 x 2 cinema vouchers that are valid nationwide!

A teenage Sim (Nina Kathleen) spends her Easter holidays on the spooky farm of her aunt Claudia (Hierzegger) and her family. Simi is overweight and hopes that Claudia, a famous nutritionist and best-selling health book author, will help her lose weight.

While embarking on an unusual and challenging diet that Claudia prescribes, Simi quickly realizes that strange things are going on between Claudia, her aggressive and menacing son Filipp, and Filipp’s very strict stepfather, Stefan. What is causing their strange behavior? The answers are even worse than Simi’s worst nightmares.

The horror over the farmhouse reaches its climax in around 100 minutes of film and puts viewers in a state of constant uneasiness. Just like for Simi, the viewer has no escape. The popcorn could get stuck in your throat…

Theatrical release of “Family Dinner”: January 27th

Win tickets for the premiere in Graz!
With the “Krone” you can see the horror highlight from Austria before everyone else: We are giving away 30×2 tickets for the cinema premiere of “Family Dinner” in Graz.

Wo: Annenhof Kino Graz
When: January 26
Film start: 20.30 Urh
Ticket collection for “Krone” winners at the evening box office from 7.30 p.m

And for everyone who finds the drive to Graz too far, there are 3×2 cinema vouchers that can be redeemed anywhere in Austria. Simply select Premiere or vouchers in the form below and you can take part!

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