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Status: December 30, 2020 12:40 p.m.

THW Kiel is back on Europe’s handball throne. The German national players Steffen Weinhold, Patrick Wiencek and above all Hendrik Pekeler shone in a really strong performance in the Champions League final against Barcelona. They won’t be at the World Cup in Egypt.

by Matthias Heidrich

National coach Alfred Gislason will have followed the triumphal procession of the Kiel in Cologne with mixed feelings. While Weinhold took responsibility in the attack and scored reliably, Wiencek and Pekeler cleaned up the rear. Pekeler, who also contributed four goals to the win against the top favorites from Barcelona, ​​was deservedly named “Most Valuable Player” (MVP) of the Final Fours.

Mega World Cup in Egypt is coming up

At the handball world championship that starts on January 13th in Egypt, these three “THW kings” will not wear the jersey of the German national team. All three had already declared in mid-December that for family reasons they did not want to travel to the mega-tournament in North Africa during the Corona crisis. In Egypt, 32 teams will compete for the first time, and the winner will not be known until January 31.

“The general development of the corona pandemic with the renewed hard lockdown worries me as a family man, and I cannot leave my wife and daughters alone for more than four weeks during this time,” said Pekeler, justifying his cancellation of the World Cup. After the Champions League victory, the “MVP” held back and did not step in front of the microphones.

Sagosen, Duvnjak and Landin in Egypt

Many international top stars from Kiel, however, will appear in Egypt. Domagoj Duvnjak, the “unfinished”, would like to finally win gold with Croatia, but he had before pronounced for a cancellation of the tournament. The brothers Niklas and Magnus Landin are in Denmark’s World Cup squad, as is THW superstar Sander Sagosen from Norway. “Our association and the world association will ensure our safety“, said Kiel’s backcourt ace recently.

Shortly after the turn of the year, she will continue to work in the handball mill with preparations for the World Cup.

Weinhold: “Really happy about a few days without handball”

For Wiencek, Pekeler and Weinhold there is actually a break on the program. Just like for her Swedish team mate Niclas Ekberg. The right winger, the best THW thrower in the final in Cologne with eight goals, is also not part of the World Cup, is only in the reserve squad of Sweden.

“I will of course follow the World Cup,” said Weinhold, “I keep my fingers crossed for the team. But I’m really happy about a few days without handball.” Much to the chagrin of national coach Gislason.

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