According to initial surveys, total damage in Upper Austria was around 2.5 million euros.

The severe storms on Tuesday afternoon and evening have caused damage in the millions in agriculture. Heavy rain and storms in combination with hail balls up to five centimeters in size have left a trail of devastation, especially in Upper Austria. According to initial hail insurance surveys, damage of around EUR 2.5 million may have occurred there.

The districts of Braunau am Inn, Ried im Innkreis and V√∂cklabruck were particularly affected, according to a report from the Austrian hail insurance company. “The storm front coming from Bavaria moved in the direction of Braunau, where it intensified considerably. Hurricane gusts and hailstones the size of hens’ eggs massively damaged both arable crops and the grassland,” said the responsible regional manager in Upper Austria, Wolfgang Winkler. The storm had eased to the east, but the unbroken hail had left a trail of devastation.