Thunderstorms and heavy rain expected in Austria this weekend – Austria

Gloomy weather outlook for the weekend in Austria.

The weather forecast for the coming weekend is bleak. After the storms in Germany, heavy rain showers are also expected in Austria.

The experts from the Central Institute for Meterology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) have forecast gloomy weather prospects for the coming weekend. After the heavy storms in Germany, heavy rain showers were also announced for Austria, thunderstorms with heavy rain, which can come like a shower, are the rule. There is hardly any loosening up.

Weather on Saturday inconsistent: Partly heavy rain

On Saturday, the weather-determining low pressure area lies over the Adriatic, making it unstable in the entire Eastern Alps. It rains sometimes heavily, often intensified like a shower and accompanied by lightning and thunder. Noteworthy sunny breaks are the exception, there are longer dry phases in the morning due to the foehn from East Tyrol to Central Carinthia. Away from the foehn areas, there is usually moderate wind blowing from the north. In the morning the temperature is between 13 and 20 degrees, by the afternoon it rises to 20 to 26 degrees, depending on the rain and sunshine. But it’s also humid.

Secondly sunny phases on Sunday, but mostly inconsistent

The influence of low pressure also ensures inconsistent weather on Sundays. There are occasional sunny phases, but that only gives more energy for clouding and subsequent rain showers and thunderstorms. The greatest amounts of rain come together along the north side of the Alps from the Tyrolean lowlands to the southern Mostviertel. The wind blows moderate to brisk from west to north. In the morning it is 14 to 20 degrees, the afternoon temperature is between 20 and 28 degrees, and it is warmest in the east. Only on Monday does the weather stabilize and temperatures go up to 28, 29 degrees again.

In Germany, too, there has been another warning from the German Weather Service (DWD) that heavy rain in southeast Bavaria on the weekend cannot rule out flooding, the dpa reported. Floods and floods are expected from Sunday morning, especially on the Danube in the Passau area, the flood news service announced on Friday. It is not ruled out that built-up properties or cellars will also be flooded, said a spokeswoman. “But this trend is still fraught with uncertainty.”

Floods due to heavy rain on Sunday possible

Because of the announced heavy rain, floods can also occur on the Salzach and Inn on Sunday. The DWD expects rain amounts of up to 100 liters per square meter, especially in the eastern Alpine region, by Sunday evening, and in congested locations it is “probably” possible to even 150 liters per square meter. The DWD also expects heavy rain further west in the Allgäu and on the Isar: According to this, 60 to 70 liters per square meter are possible there.

The effects of the storms in Germany are also possible in Austria, said Florian Rudolf-Miklau from the torrent and avalanche control department of the Ministry of the Environment in the “Ö1-Mittagsjournal”. Since the precipitation in this country encounters an alpine topography and this can also lead to landslides, “the consequences can be similar and in the alpine area quite dramatic”. Much has been done to protect it in recent years and decades, there is a dense network of dam structures and restraint barriers that keep the water masses away, which carry dangerous debris and wood with it, he said.


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