Three members of the Deán Funes police station, in the province of Córdoba, received a wake-up call from the Police Conduct Tribunal for uploading videos to the social network TikTok while they were on duty.

They were identified as Claudio Agüero, deputy inspector officer; Rubén Mamondez, NCO and Yanett Contreras, Assistant Officer.

In the approximately 20 videos that were broadcast on the Internet, they can be seen dancing and making jokes in their uniforms and at the local police station.

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Contreras, in addition, had been discharged from the Anti-Drug Police Force last March.

Through the Court of Conduct in charge of Ana Becerra, Justice investigates the case.

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The three police officers were notified, they remained in a passive situation and a summary was opened for them, Becerra said.

According to an anonymous presentation, the Police Discipline Court was able to prove that the three officers were filmed at the agency and posted it on the social network.

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The conduct implies a serious administrative offense that is prohibited, as specified by the Police.

“This goes beyond the private sphere because it is a complaint that brings material. This situation of Tik Tok It takes place in a police station area and they are in uniform, “Becerra explained to Chain 3.

At the end of April, four members of the Buenos Aires Police were disabled after recording a video and uploading it to the same social network.

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