Witnesses said that the fire started around 1:00 pm in the building located on Avenida San Martín and Río Negro. The main suspicions suggest that the incident originated from a gas leak.

Firefighters Volunteers from La Matanza who came to the site found intense flames on the ground floor and on the fifth floor. The bodies of a couple and a ten-year-old girl were found on the stairs of the building.

Apparently, the victims were trying to escape the fire and an explosion occurred that ended up generalizing the flames, so they were trapped.

Meanwhile, another 20 people were evacuated from the building, both by internal stairs, as well as others contributed by crews from the neighboring parties of Morón and Tres de Febrero, who came to collaborate in the tasks.

Around 4:00 p.m., the flames were controlled, while experts and personnel from the Naturgy gas company worked. Commander Marcelo Rodríguez, head of the La Matanza Fire Department, said that in the first place the men in his charge found “fire in the entrance hall to the building.” “

“They quickly control the focus and when the work is done they find 3 bodies that died from the fire. What was done was to evacuate the entire building using the internal staircase and then with two ‘climbing units’, one of Morón’s volunteer firefighters and the other from Tres de Febrero, “the firefighter explained in remarks to channel A24.

He also explained that several of the evacuees had to be assisted in health centers in the area for having suffered asphyxiation principles, although in no case was the picture serious.