three other positives for Covid in Racing

The Covid continues to hit hard in Racing, one of the most affected teams in Argentine football since the beginning of the preseason. It is that to the cases already announced previously, in the last hours the Academy confirmed the positives of three other players: Mauricio Martínez, Benjamín Garré and Ignacio Galván.

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The three footballers woke up with symptoms this Thursday, for which they were subjected to a new test and finally tested positive. Unlike the previous controls, In this case, the entire squad was not tested, but only the players who showed symptoms.

Racing announced three other positives.

Racing announced three other positives.

“Mauricio Martínez, Benjamín Garré and Ignacio Galván, who woke up with symptoms, were swabbed and tested positive for COVID 19. The three players are in good health and isolated in their respective homes.”Racing reported on their social networks.

The list of players who tested positive in Racing

Thus, Garré, Martínez and Galván join a long list of players affected by the virus since the return of the squad led by Fernando Gago to practices. The last one had been Edward Cardona, who after signing his contract as a new Academy player, positive god. The Colombian He did not join the preseason because he was a close contact. Finally, the tests confirmed his positive.

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Cardona, positive for Covid-19

Also, they had the virus. Federico Insua, Carlos Alcaraz, Javier Correa, Gaston Maddoni (attendee), Julián López, Enzo Copetti, Gonzalo Piovi, Francisco Gómez, Gonzalo Córdoba and Fernando Prado.

Racing announced three other positives.

Racing announced three other positives.

Of all of them, Gonzalo Piovi, Julian Lopez and Enzo Copetti They joined the preseason this Thursday, and Insúa, Alcaraz, Correa and Maddoni had previously been discharged. They haven’t been reinstated yet. Gonzalo Cordoba and Fernando Prado, who tested positive last Friday and would be reinstated on Monday morning.

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Cardona signed, but has not yet joined the squad



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