And 10 departures! Philadelphia Fusion continues its transfer window. This Wednesday, three new players (Poko, FunnyAstro et Eqo) leave the team. Among them, we therefore retoruve the French tank, Gael “Poko” Gouzerch, not extended by the structure. “Since the inaugural season, he has been a crucial member of our team,” recalls the Eastern Conference franchise’s twitter account. Released a few days before the end of his contract, the player is now looking for a new structure in OWL.

In a TwitLonger, the player thanked his team, with whom he played four seasons, or rather three, until this last one which “looked like no other”, blocked by the pandemic and absent from the competition.

It has been a season like no other, but the fans have remained passionate and understanding regardless. Their words of encouragement, their gifts and the community we have built together mean a lot to me. Their support is something that constantly drives me to be a better player and a better person.

While admitting that this will remain the most trying year of his career, Poko says he is ready to fight again despite visa problems, and to discover the competition under the new Overwatch 2, which will be at the launch of the new season next April. “The mind is not reached and I know that I still have talent, charisma and leadership to offer in the future.”

By the way, the team also announced the departure of its head coach NineK, replaced by another Korean, the former coach of T1, J1N. The team seems to be heading this season towards a 100% Korean roster, leaving three new Europeans in high demand on the market … The transfer window promises to be lively.

The Philadelphia Fusion Team