Three new faces in the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

After finding his Percy, his Grover and his Annabeth, Percy Jackson and the Olympians now announces new faces to its cast. Cette fois, ce sont les interprètes de Clarisse La Rue, Nancy Bobofit, et Luke Castellan qui rejoignent le projet. Indeed, Dior Goodjohn will be Clarisse, Olivea Morton will be Nancy and Charlie Bushnell will play Luke. If these names remain rather unknown to the public, impossible not to be confident when we know that the author himself is behind the project of the series.

Indeed, if the Percy Jackson films had been the subject of strong criticism and frustration, a reboot has been requested for years. Announced last year, the project is taking shape little by little and delighted fans of the universe.

For now, no release date or teaser, you will have to be patient.



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