Three fruits should be avoided to avoid the risk of painful symptoms in the joints!

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The term arthritis is defined as a general term for a group of conditions that affect the joints. Symptoms can be very debilitating, making simple tasks difficult.

Although there is no cure for arthritis, modifying aspects of your lifestyle can reduce some of the more severe symptoms.

According to the Physicians Committee, a US-based nonprofit organization with more than 17,000 physicians, some fruits can be “common pain triggers” for arthritis, including:

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Best supplements for joint pain!

• citrus fruits.

• Apple.

• the banana.

Meanwhile, there are other types of fruit that have been shown to relieve arthritis symptoms.

The Arthritis Foundation (AF) revealed that studies show that eating watermelon reduces the inflammatory marker CRP, also known as C-reactive protein, which is a marker of systemic inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, the common form of inflammatory arthritis.

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for preventing a range of health problems, but it also provides direct benefits for arthritis.

In addition to moderation in your diet, regular exercise can help reduce the impact of arthritis.

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