three days later, she died…

Simon Thomas, English television presenter, is a committed man. He has fought daily since the start of the war in Ukraine to welcome refugees through the Sanctuaryfoundation association, but also regularly recalls the importance of making donations to finance research to fight against diseases.

It must be said that in 2017, Simon Thomas lived a real nightmare. While she appeared to be in perfect health, his wife Gemma died. She was only 40 years old.

In November of that year, when she was unsuspecting, Gemma suddenly noticed that she had bruises on her thighs. And her headaches suddenly got worse.

It must be said that headaches, Gemma knew that. In the months leading up to it, she had gone to doctors several times to say that she had a headache, that she had heat strokes during the night and that she felt particularly tired. But the doctors had never wanted to go further in their analyses.

And when she went to the emergency room the day she noticed her bruises, doctors sent her home, claiming she was stressed. But three days later, the young woman lost her life. She was actually suffering from Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia.

For more than two years, Simon and their son Ethan, 12 years old today, have called on psychological support.

And although he has, in the meantime, redone his daughter, the presenter of Sky continues to campaign for more prevention against blood cancer. On Instagram, he takes advantage of his notoriety to remind people of the importance of prevention.

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