“Three-Body”: Tencent is ahead of Netflix with the series for “The Three Suns”.

The Chinese video streaming provider Tencent Video has released the first episodes of its in-house adaptation of the science fiction novel “The Three Suns” and at least the state media are enthusiastic. The state news agency Xinhau speaks of critical acclaim and writes that a very benevolent hashtag topped the list of search terms on Weibo. It was clicked 340 times and means something like “Three sun TV drama is a winner”. Many viewers expressed their satisfaction and praised the proximity to the book. The first two episodes can also be viewed free of charge in Germany with English subtitles.

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With the adaptation, Tencent Video and China’s state television CCTV Netflix are ahead of the game, but the US streaming service has not yet given a release date for its series. An animated adaptation was published a few weeks ago by the Chinese video platform Bilibili. For Tencent, “Three-Body” has now broken all records in terms of hits on the premiere day, Zitiert Xinhua. The production was created in cooperation not only with the author of the book, but also with research institutions in China. It was filmed at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology. The head of China’s Film Critics Association praises the series in high tones. But that is also due to the role model, the book alone raised the international status of Chinese science fiction.

“The Three Suns” is the first part of Cixin Liu’s award-winning Trisolaris series of novels. Part two and three are called “The Dark Forest” and “Beyond Time”. It tells the story of mankind in a world where an astrophysicist contacts extraterrestrials to help destroy humans. The author himself writes that he wanted to show, among other things, how unhistorical it is to so often attribute the noblest motives to possible extraterrestrials and not – as in the books – the “worst intentions”. The first episodes of “Three Body” can now, among other things at Viki Rakuten or be viewed on WeTV.ipthe season consists of 30 episodes in total.


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