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Porsche continues to build combustion engines – impending ban or not!

The sports car manufacturer does not want to be dissuaded from building more combustion engines in the event of a possible end to combustion engines in 2035.

“Porsche relies on a double E: e-mobility and eFuels. E-mobility is our top priority,” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume of BILD am SONNTAG.

And further: “At the same time, we continue to build modern combustion engines. The 911 is more popular with customers than ever. In the next few years we will be offering a very sporty hybridization for the 911.”

Electromobility is “an important lane”. But there are more than a billion existing vehicles worldwide. eFuels are an effective, complementary solution. Gasoline engines could then be operated almost CO2-neutral with eFuels.

Blume assures: “They do not have to be converted or retrofitted for this. eFuels as an admixture or pure can be offered at all filling stations. We also have to offer the owners of existing vehicles a perspective.”

eFuels are still so expensive and inefficient that critics do not recognize them as a real alternative. The Prosche boss sees it differently!

According to Blume, “in the case of production on an industrial scale, the price could potentially be less than 2 dollars per liter”. And that would be more than competitive considering the current price of gas…

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