Thousands of fish dropped by plane

Since the 1950s, introducing thousands of fish by airdropping them has become a habit in the isolated lakes of Utah. As can be seen in images released July 9 on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Facebook page, fish measuring between about 3 and 8 cm are loaded onto a plane that holds hundreds of gallons of water and up to ‘to 35,000 fish in a single flight. These are then literally dropped over the lakes of Utah.

Clouds of fish thus drop for several seconds before reaching the surface of the lakes. “Because these species are small, they slowly descend to the water,” says the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. In total, the operation made it possible in one week to replenish 200 high-altitude lakes, “inaccessible by vehicle or other stocking means”.

Studies have shown, after analyzing the waters of the lakes, that “the survival rate of fish unloaded by air is very high”, the service would like to point out.

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