PKK and LGBT propaganda were among the groups that took to the streets to protest the sudden rise of the dollar rate yesterday.

The speculative increase in the exchange rate in Turkey, one after the other…

The sudden increase in the dollar exchange rate caused exorbitant increases in the prices of many products, while the sales of products related to exchange rates such as automotive and electronics stopped.

This increase in the dollar was reflected on the streets in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.


While dozens of people took action by stealing pots and pans, PKK and LGBT groups organized via social media took place among those who took to the streets.

There is also a group that uses the rise of the dollar as an excuse. “Freedom for political prisoners, freedom for the Kurdish people, freedom for LGBT” They protested with pots and pans accompanied by slogans.

Those who made an excuse for the rise of the dollar shouted PKK and LGBT slogans VIDEO

Those who used the rise of the dollar as an excuse chanted PKK and LGBT slogans #2

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