Thomas Tuchel: A few days after the divorce, he appears with a new woman

In April of this year, FC Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel (48) and his wife Sissi (50) filed for divorce after 13 years together. Just a few days after this became final in the London High Court, Tuchel is now showing himself with a new woman at his side.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel: vacation with a new woman

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel is enjoying a summer holiday in Sardinia. There he was spotted for the first time with a new woman, as reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”. The pretty brunette is said to be Natalie Max (35). Born in Brazil, she runs a company in London and is the mother of two daughters.

Thomas Tuchel: private villa for £20,000 a night

Incidentally, Thomas Tuchel dug deep into his pocket for the romantic trip. The two are said to reside in a secluded villa on the Italian island. Cost: £20,000 per night.

The Chelsea manager and Natalie Max were also spotted taking a boat trip at dusk. Before taking the ferry to the island of Caprera, Thomas Tuchel and his companions spent some time on the beach sunbathing, swimming and having lunch in a hotel restaurant.

Vacationers tell The Sun that the two “held hands at every opportunity” and seemed “very much in love.” Whether Natalie Max is actually Thomas Tuchel’s new girlfriend has not yet been confirmed.

They wanted to give their love another chance – in the end the divorce, worth millions, followed. You can find out more about the separation of Thomas Tuchel and his Sissi in the video below.

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