This wired controller for switch is at its lowest price!

The Nintendo Switch, a work of art that is worth seeing. Have you ever felt this desire to own a controller and hold it in your hands? Dealabs gives you an opportunity to realize your dream. Forget obsolete controllers and those of dubious origin. The Hori Fighting wired controller is the solution to your problem. The Dealabs good deals site offers you this fabulous controller at only 24.99 €. Get a discount of almost €17, the cheapest offer on the market for the last 9 months. By entering the code promo ACCESSOIRE25 in the field “gift voucher codes and promotional codes”, you are sure not to miss the offer on this site.


That’s not all, the company also offers you free delivery. You can now buy it and enjoy its features. Are you still wondering, “Is the Hori Fighting wired controller really worth it?” or: “How is this controller exceptional?” ”, read the following.

Innovative design, a controller as we like them


Although with a new design, the Hori Fighting wired controller also has major advantages. Being considered the ultimate controller for 2D games, it easily accommodates many games in the same category. Given the variety of games in the market, owning it is really player-friendly. Featuring the best D-Pad in the industry, each supplied controller has six buttons. Accessibility and maneuverability are also facilitated by the large size of the buttons on the latter. To solve the ergonomic problems encountered in older models, the Hori Fighting wired controller has been redesigned to give a unique gaming feel. Technicians have made the upgrade that players have been waiting for. This controller is ideal for any good self-respecting player.

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Innovative technology for a better grip

Innovative technology for a better grip
This controller also exists in a playstation version


It also has unique features such as being able to adjust the buttons according to the desired layout and function. No more wasted time making adjustments. Featuring cutting-edge new technologies, the switch allows you to select the D-Pad or the left analog stick. The player is thus free to move and can fully concentrate on his game. The Hori Fighting wired controller also has another advantage up its sleeve: a 3 m long cable that easily adapts to game environments. Add to that a wired connection for a better response, fast and precise. The Hori Fighting wired controller is also an ideal asset for PC gaming. Under official Nintendo license, it provides better robustness for beginners or seasoned players. Its black color also gives it a unique design.



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