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In the new update, users will be able to choose whether to send photos or videos using the “automatic”, “better quality” or “data saving” mode. By the names of the modes we can guess how it will work, although the truth is that it is not known for sure what it means to send the photos in “better quality” and if that will continue to imply compression.

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The main focus of WhatsApp with this function is that the content is sent quickly and without consuming more mobile data from the account.

WhatsApp: the change in photos and videos

The goal of the Facebook company is to get you images and photographs gain in quality. For this, the messaging application is currently working on a new function with which it will allow its users to send images and videos with a higher quality than the current one.

So far, the images and videos sent through WhatsApp are automatically compressed, so certain content they may lose quality compared to the original file, but this way the delivery is faster.

With the new feature, users will be able to choose between three different options in storage and data settings, on the quality of the videos and photos shared in chats.

How to send high-quality images on WhatsApp

From their own ‘Settings’ WhatsApp, and going to the ‘Storage and data’ section, you can select the upload quality of the image or video. Specifically, the application will offer three different options.

The first one is the ‘automatic’, is it will alternate in better quality and data saving depending on the user’s connection. For example, using the WiFi connection, it will send with better quality than if you use a weak network, a situation in which the quality will drop so that the file takes up little space and is sent earlier.

On the other hand, if you choose the option ‘Best Quality’, the videos will always be sent with the best possible quality, as its name indicates; while with Data Saver, the messaging app will compress them before sending them.

By default WhatsApp will have the automatic quality option activated, so that the user must modify it depending on what he needs. Similarly, the description of this new feature also offers a little reminder: higher quality videos are larger and may take longer to send.

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