this website will pay 2,000 dollars for each user who used their hacks

Taking into account that 6,765 players used the cheats, the sum amounts to more than 13.5 million.

Bungie has been battling Destiny 2 cheaters for many years, and they haven’t always been victorious in their battles. At the beginning of May, we learned of the case of a hack website that was able to dodge one of the lawsuits filed by the developer, but it is still at the foot of the canyon and has now been able to win a lawsuit that brings a good sum at the expense of the cheaters of your game.

As reported by PC Gamer, domains Elite Boss Tech y 11020781 Canada They had been handing out services to have fun in Destiny 2 in an illegal way for a long time. In response, Bungie has taken both websites to trial that has ended up proving the developer right, since it was evident that the cheats infringed their copyright.

The most curious thing about this case lies in the sentence. After all, it is estimated that Bungie has suffered damages amounting to $2,000 for each of the cheaters taking advantage of the services of Elite Boss Tech and 11020781 Canada. In this way, the domains are obliged to pay a figure that amounts to more than 13.5 million dollars, since their traps had been downloaded a total of 6.765 times.

Luckily, this is another victory in this eternal war against cheaters in online games. Bungie is not the only soldier in this conflict, as we have also seen other companies in the sector, such as Nintendo and Activision, strive to develop anti-hack patents and punishments that ruin the gaming experience of any cheater.

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