With feelings on the surface, Julian Gil He has lived one of the most special days of his life as a father: giving his daughter Nicolle at the altar on your wedding day. Punctual to his appointment, the actor of Argentine origin traveled to Madrid, Spain, to fulfill this mission, something that has undoubtedly stirred his deepest feelings, since the interpreter could not avoid tears as he walked towards the altar on the arm of his daughter. “It has been a long awaited day for all of us, and for the family. And well, as a dad (I am) proud, full …”, Said Julián upon his arrival at the church, where he was already waiting impatiently Íñigo Ariño, Nicolle’s now husband. Without a doubt, this wedding has been doubly special. And it is that, to reach this date so marked on their calendar, the celebration had to be postponed for reasons related to the groom’s health, as well as the pandemic, something that they managed to get ahead of in the best way, demonstrating that his love is proof of everything. Play the video and witness the most emotional moments of this wedding to which HI! USES and HI THERE! TV they have had access in scoop.

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