This trial of an elite soldier that embarrasses the Bundeswehr

Philipp S. is on trial for having stored an arsenal and neo-Nazi relics, raising the question of the infiltration of extremist networks into the army.

Correspondent in Berlin

With its sword crowned with two laurel leaves, the badge of the Bundeswehr Special Forces Commando loses its luster. It is an embarrassing trial for this elite unit of the German army (KSK according to its acronym), which begins on Friday in Leipzig, with one of its members, summoned to the dock, and above which floats a scent of omerta. This 45-year-old soldier, Philipp S., does not explain why he stored in his house in Collm, in the Land of Saxony, an AK 47 assault rifle, several stun grenades, two kilos of explosives, ten detonators, thousands of rifle and pistol ammunition… as well as Nazi relics.

The arsenal was discovered during a search in May 2020. The man has been charged with violating the law on arms control. Forbidden to wear a uniform, he spent a few months in preventive detention before being released under judicial supervision. And Germany, forever

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