This treatment tested on mice prevents the spread of breast cancer

Most breast cancer deaths result from the spread of a primary tumor to other parts of the body. Researchers have studied the interaction between two proteins involved in this phenomenon and created a peptide effective against secondary tumors in mice.

Israeli researchers have synthesized in the laboratory a peptide that inhibits the metastasis of the cancer be youcancer be you in mice. As a reminder, a metastasis corresponds to the formation of new tumors from a primary focus. This spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body is the leading cause of death in cancer patients as there is currently no treatment to eradicate cancer. metastaticmetastatic.

A 19 amino acid peptide as a potential treatment

In breast cancer, the Pyk2 protein is highly expressed and interacts with cortactin to form invasion podsinvasion pods, foot-like protrusions that facilitate metastasis. The researchers studied the structure of the complex of these two proteinprotein partners with a three-dimensional image, in order to define the precise segment of Pyk2 involved in the malicious interaction. They only retained 19 amino acidsamino acids on the 1,009 of the protein.

«We were very happy to see that the idea of ​​using the cortactin-binding motif of Pyk2 as an invadopodia inhibitor worked very well. live. This made it possible to prove the clinical potential of theinhibitioninhibition of this newly discovered interactionsaid Dr. Hava Gil-Henn, co-author of the study.

The small synthesized peptide has so far been tested on mice with breast cancer, with satisfactory results against metastases. The authors now wish to obtain the most optimal peptide for treatment. The idea is to test the amino acid sequences that will show a stronger and more specific binding to the target site of cortactin.

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