This treasure of shit from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has become the nightmare of many players

This treasure of shit from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has become the nightmare of many players

Many liters of digital ink have been spilled to talk about the performance of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor both on consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, as well as on PC. This last platform has been the most affected of all. It has been a real nightmare for all the users who have played during the launch. Nevertheless, is not the only one.

The Jedi who wish complete all achievements or trophies of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor must face many challenges. One of them is buy all items in the dressage shop, a merchant next to Pyloom’s Inn, who will ask you for Priorite Fragments in exchange for her items. The total value of the items is the number of shards you can find.

There is a specific fragment (Treasure) that is bringing players upside down. It is located in the stable of the Nekkos on the planet Koboh, next to the Mesón de Pyloom. According to the map, it’s in one of the stables… but when you go there it’s really not there. At first it was thought to be a bug, but no.

The key to achieving this is found in the Nekkos, but not everyone is worth it. You must find a exotic nekko, which are the ones with the most striking colors, and put it inside the stable. If you have a normal one, just hit with the sword nearby to scare it away or remove it by hand. There are two ways to find it:

  • Exploring the world.
  • Resting/traveling between Meditation Points and/or in and out of the game.
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Once you have the exotic Nekko, put it in the corresponding stable and go to rest at the Meditation Point closest. Additionally, you can fast travel to the Mantis Meditation Point. Then go back to the stable and you should find the Priorite Fragment in the scat of the Nekko you left in the stable. If it doesn’t work, rest and recharge the world until it appears.

So now you know, the key to finding the treasure is in the Nekkos’ shit. It’s literally a treasure of shit… or that appears next to shit. In any case, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor It is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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