This therapy can help against hay fever –

At the moment many Dutch people are plagued by hay fever. They take medicine against it or try to avoid the pollen, but there is also another way to get rid of hay fever: immunotherapy.

“Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of hay fever,” says Dr. Hanneke Oude Elberink, internist and allergist at UMC Groningen in De Telegraaf. “Many hay fever patients also suffer from sneezing, itchy and burning eyes, a runny nose and in the a stuffy nose during the season, which further increases fatigue. Some of the people get asthmatic complaints.”

Oude Elberink points to the good results of immunotherapy for hay fever. “Immunotherapy with allergens is the oldest form of immunotherapy that exists and has been used since the beginning of the last century. In the past this was only possible by injecting the allergen into the arm with a prick, nowadays treatment with melting tablets is also possible in a number of cases. a possibility.”

You have to continue the therapy for a long time, a few years, for a good result. “If the treatment is successful, you have made a lasting change in the immune system. In general, the treatment is completely successful in one in three people. The treatment is effective in another third, the hay fever is less severe and they can reduce with medication. Unfortunately, the treatment does not appear to be effective in the other group.”

Bron (nen): The Telegraph