As the European Union will impose the USB Type-C port on all future smartphones, a robotic engineering student has taken the lead with his iPhone, as shown in the video below:

Ken Pillonel succeeded in the feat of replacing the traditional Lightning port with a USB Type-C port on his iPhone X. He spent several months on this project and had to dissect many USB Type-C and Lightning cables, in particular. USB Type-C to Lightning cables from accessory manufacturers, easier to open than Apple’s.

Pillonel reverse-engineered Apple’s proprietary C94 connector that is used in the Lightning port of these cables and created his own circuit board with a female USB Type-C port, to install it in the iPhone X .

The Swiss student showed a first attempt in May on his blog, but the components used, especially a USB Type-C male to female converter circuit, were too big to fit into the iPhone.

Also to discover in video:

The video shows that the new port performs charging and data transfer functions. A more complete video should be published later, to show the circuit design in detail.

Source : The Verge

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