this super food is TOP to drop your rate, 2 times a week only!

A high level of bad cholesterol in the blood often comes frombad habits of life. Worst of all are the ultra-processed foods sold in supermarkets. They are loaded with fats, sugar and preservatives. And the body hates it! It is therefore better to focus on foods that are beneficial for our circulation and our heart.

So you can draw a line right now on junk food, white sugar, cold cuts, alcoholic beverages or industrial dairy products. Of course, a small exception won’t do much harm. But on a daily basis, it is a healthy diet that must be adopted.

Did you know ? There is what is called “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Bad cholesterol, technically, is LDL or low density lipoprotein (LDL). It is he who is at the origin of the plaques in the walls of the coronary arteries. And the more these plaques increase, the more likely we are to have a stroke. You can lower your LDL levels by exercising regularly but also by eating properly.

This food would lower the risk of stroke!

Fish is one of the key foods for maintaining good health and feeling fit. And it helps fight diabetes. Provided you consume it at least twice a week. Nutritionists especially recommend fish that contain a lot of omega-3s. For example salmon or mackerel. Watch out for fried fish though because of the fat. And tuna because it contains too much mercury.

The leading cause of death in the world? Cardiovascular illnesses ! So better fight them now. Among all the fish left, there is one that really boosts your health, it’s the sardine! It’s a fish blue and fat. But what good fat! Sardines thus provide the body with essential nutrients for its proper functioning.

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Omega 3, you must have heard of it! Sardines just happen to be packed with omega 3. And it’s great for the heart! Indeed, these unsaturated fatty acids protect the cardiovascular system, reduce blood pressure and even the formation of clots in the blood. A miracle food, we told you! In addition, the body does not produce these omega 3s by itself. It is therefore necessary to consume them regularly.

Cholesterol: Omega 3, essential vitamins and proteins: what else?

Sardines are also an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps improve vision. Sardines also contain other minerals that the body needs. For example, vitamin D which is essential for calcium to bind to the bones. Or even vitamin B which allows you to have plenty of energy.

Thus, eating sardines twice a week helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This especially concerns people who have problems with high blood pressure. They can therefore even eat it 3 times a week without any problem!

Because once again: there is good and bad fat. The good fats in sardines help reduce pressure in the arteries. But this fish has many other advantages! As it is small, it does not accumulate heavy metals in its flesh, like salmon or tuna.

Sardines also contain a large amount of so-called “high biological value” proteins. These proteins packed with essential amino acids are highly digestible. So the next time you go to a store to do your shopping, put some sardines in your basket! Vitamins galore, Omega 3… Sardines are a miracle food. Why deprive yourself of it?

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