Very nice reduction on the Lenovo G27q-20 gaming monitor at Cdiscount today. If you needed a screen to play and work, this is the one for you.

The Lenovo G27q-20 PC Monitor really has it all. So much so that it is normally marketed at 399.99 euros. But today Cdiscount offers it with a very nice reduction of 100 euros to drop it to 299 euros therefore. This is an excellent price for this extremely versatile gaming screen: 27 inches, WQHD and 165 Hz, it is a perfect balance for office automation and gaming. It can thus accompany you from morning to evening, and from evening to morning, whether you are telecommuting or playing games.

Find the Lenovo G27q-20 at 299.99 euros at Cdiscount

Lenovo G27q-20: Everything You Need, Where It Needs To Be

In detail, the Lenovo G27q-20 is a 27-inch PC monitor (68.6 cm diagonal screen size) that offers a nice WQHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels or “2K”. This diagonal allows you to enjoy a nice display surface for your eyes and the definition also allows you to display more content on your screen. This is quite practical in a telecommuting context where it is easier to place two windows side by side without losing too much content. It is also a visual advantage in game with a finer rendering, but also more resource intensive. It’s a good in-between.

In addition, the screen has an IPS panel, which is important: we thus benefit from more precise colors and viewing angles than a VA panel, in particular. This is again a visual gain that will be felt everywhere and which will allow you to enjoy your screen without being perfectly in front of it.

Designed for demanding players who need exemplary fluidity in the latest titles: it offers a sweep frequency of 165 Hz, as well as a response time of 1 ms. This is an ideal configuration for competitive games, of course there are now screens that can go up to 240 Hz, or even more, but the gain in fluidity is little or not noticeable compared to 165 Hz. With this frequency you will already have a significant competitive advantage compared to a traditional 60 Hz panel. It is particularly pleasant for shooting games like CS: GO or Valorant, but the gain in fluidity will be felt everywhere, even in office automation.

However, it will be necessary to have a GPU which is able to deliver as many images to take full advantage of it and at full resolution. If not, you can always lower the definition of your game to 1080p to get more frames per second and therefore smoothness. You can then choose between finesse and responsiveness. The good news is that competitive games are generally fairly resource-efficient and therefore screen frequency can be achieved with a midrange setup in these games.

To avoid stuttering, the screen is also AMD FreeSync Premium compatible. This technology, if it is compatible with your graphics card (it is probably the case, because FreeSync also works with most Nvidia GPUs), focuses on synchronizing the refresh rate of your monitor with your GPU in order to suppress the visual tears. This is again a real gain in use and which also allows you to improve your skills in the game.

Moreover, the PC screen is classic, with a convincing design. The foot is V-shaped, the edges are very thin on the 3 upper sides of the screen. The foot is adjustable in height to align it perfectly with your eye level and avoid eye and muscle fatigue during long sessions of play or work, since you can position yourself ideally in your seat. The connection is classic, but complete: we take advantage of a 3.5 mm audio jack output with an HDMI 2.0 input as well as a DisplayPort 1.2 input. This makes it compatible with your PC, but also consoles and in particular Next Gen consoles. Remember, however, that the PS5 does not currently support the QHD definition, it may come later, but in the meantime it will be necessary to choose FHD or 4K.

Find the Lenovo G27q-20 at 299.99 euros at Cdiscount