This painter's duplex is the perfect combination of art and warmth

An 80-meter duplex becomes, by the hand of the interior designer Marta Labrador, a haven of peace and serenity where art coexists with family life in a calm way.

The highlight of this room is the Hungarian point wooden floor (30 centimeters each slat), as well as the ceiling grids in the same wood, without forgetting the solid fences with a carving designed specifically for this space to match the those of the chimney© Alejandro Cayetano

When her great friend, Beatriz Aznar, a painter and resident of the United States, asked her the interior designer Marta Labrador that he was in charge of the work and decoration of the apartment that he had just acquired on the outskirts of Madrid for his temporary ‘returns home’, he did not think twice. Above all because the fact of sharing, apart from friendship, the passion and work in the creative and artistic field, which he recognizes that “has greatly marked the project of this refugesince we both share the statement that we cannot separate ourselves from professional criteria or in our own habitat, because we do not conceive it as two different worlds”, explains the author of the project.

Beyond the final aesthetic result, the goal was “to have a lot with very few elements, but with personality, with a story that would be like the inner journey of the person who is going to inhabit the spacewhere the different pieces are articulated based on reasoning and end up becoming the skin of the house”, continues Marta.

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A selection of artistic works of diverse origin are featured in the bathroom, providing a plus and making clear the professional dedication of the owner, as well as the contemplative search for art during the many moments spent in the bathroom.© Alejandro Cayetano

artisan criteria

The house is a small duplex of about 80 square meters and whose intervention required some small improvement work, but above all interior design and decoration. As soon as you cross the threshold of the door, the unmistakable stamp of the studio’s work stands out, marked by serenity, elegance and timelessnesspresent in this house “where calm is breathed”, thanks also to the role provided by the immense luminosity coming from the four balconies on the ground floor and from the two large windows on the upper floorcreating a sensory oasis that flows between the two.

In the process, it has not undergone many changes. For example, the solid oak staircase with black tinted handrails and the attic with its wooden roof have also been maintained. Of course, even without removing partitions because the distribution already matched the needs of the owner, new floors, ceilings and walls were made, “what I call the skin of the house”, who recognizes that it is what she takes care of the most when He has a new project on his hands, in addition to doing the exercise of deciding “what to remove and what to leave from what already exists.”

The whole of this space exudes harmony thanks to the range of colors and the careful lighting, warm and indirect.© Alejandro Cayetano

In all rooms the leather has been worked with good raw material, alluding to the use of wood everywhere, on each wall, floor and ceiling, taking great care of the details to especially extol the well-being that wood always provides as a natural material, and with which all their projects are identified, also in the design of their products. The interior designer acknowledges that “I really like wood and that when you enter, it smells of wood, but without overloading. And always worked with artisan criteria”.

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Floor It is distributed on a ground floor where we find the living-dining room, the kitchen, a bathroom, the dressing room and the children’s bedroom, and on the upper floor, the master bedroom with a work area and its own bathroom.. Of course, there is no doubt that this duplex corresponds to the home of an artist, since there are works of art in all the rooms, intermingling lithographs, paintings or sculptures of different origins, which generates a very cosmopolitan aesthetic environment since at the same time warm, the result of the wonderful use of wood throughout the project.

  • © © Alejandro Cayetano

    A harmonious surround

    In the master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom, matching the tones of the white veined marble on the floor and bathroom wall tiles, the interior designer has designed the custom-made washbasin cabinet to create a harmonious surround.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    artisan wink

    For the kitchen, they contacted Beatriz Sánchez, from the Dosde Interiorismo studio, because she also has a very artisan concept within the design she offers. Made of oak, with horizontal and vertical crosspieces linked with a dovetail, in the traditional style, it winks at the ancient craftsmen.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    From the earth

    The rough striped edge of the counter stands out, all in keeping with the rest of the kitchen, whose materials used come directly from the earth: wood, stone, clay and vegetable fibers.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    custom pieces

    The main bedroom has many pieces designed by the interior designer, such as the bedside tables and the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed for clothing accessories.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano


    Located on the top floor, completely with sloping ceilings, it is for the owner’s use and enjoyment, since this is where her comfortable bedroom is located.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    a work area

    The long base cabinet that acts as a headboard reaches the other end of the room, where the work area has been placed, taking advantage of this same cabinet to store papers and books. The desk, also designed by Marta Labrador, in black and white lacquered wood, is one of the owner’s favorite corners due to the order it gives off and the light it receives from the window.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    forest with animals

    The bedroom is conceived as a large forest with animals, as can be seen from the mural that the interior designer painted by hand. The choice of its desaturated colors is also part of that soft, calm and harmonious atmosphere that is sought, especially in this children’s bedroom, to accompany and achieve a pleasant rest.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    in the shape of a house

    Following the same line of serenity as the rest of the house, the children’s bedroom is also presented with an interior design starring the oak wood of the flooring and the fun structure of the bed in the shape of a house and located at ground level.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    The desk, integrated

    On the desk, a panel was chosen in a color patented by the Marta Labrador Studio, which integrates perfectly with the wall in the same tone, thus highlighting the solid oak leg designed as the trunk of a tree.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    the original staircase

    Originally, the solid oak staircase with black tinted handrails has been maintained.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    A hand carved fireplace

    Between both almost symmetrical balconies, a fireplace has been placed, new and hand-carved specifically for this project by a craftsman with marble from the Almería quarry. The wooden table in the dining room is another of the key pieces of this room because the owner, when she comes to Spain, gathers a lot of family and friends at home. The vintage-style chair, with yellow upholstery and black structure, adds the most sophisticated touch to the environment.

  • © Alejandro Cayetano

    Martha Labrador

    The author of the project, the interior designer Marta Labrador.

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