This old woman was the legend of belly dancing and the fascinator of the entire Egyptian cinema.. Her love for Farid al-Atrash was to the point of madness and the great surprise that caused her to flee from Egypt forever! !

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The talented artist differs from other half-talents, as he enjoys the desire to be free from restrictions and the love of life.

Among them is the late Farid al-Atrash, who could not live without a woman adorning his life, and he loved many

We only know about them Samia Gamal and other sayings about Queen Nariman, the former queen of Egypt and the second wife of King Farouk I, and Leila the Algerian.

The Algerian dancer, Leila, came as a replacement for the dancer, Samia Gamal, but their relationship did not last long, although he engaged her, according to the artist in one of the interviews.

The Algerian dancer, Lily, was born on August 6, 1927 in the city of Chlef, Algeria.

Closed, they would marry their cousins, and when her family wanted her to marry her, she ran to Algiers, where there were less strict family members and there she started her artistic activity on the stage and then traveled to work in Paris halls.

The Algerian Leila began her artistic career in Egypt when Farid Al-Atrash saw her in the ballroom in the French capital, Paris,

He persuaded her to come with him, but she felt that she would fail from the first day, as she thought it was difficult to match the style of the Egyptian dancer Samia Gamal, and she hesitated a lot at the moment of signing contracts.

The artist Farid Al-Atrash returned after a while to Paris to bring Laila to the Egyptian capital, and she had to obtain a visa for 3 months, which is the duration of filming the movie “I Want to Get Married”,

But three months passed and the movie was not finished yet, and then she discovered during filming that the Egyptian authorities assigned a policeman to monitor her all day in the studio until she finished her work, because they believed that she was a “spy.” According to the Lebanese network magazine.

The artist, Laila Al-Jazaeryia, confirmed that the Syrian artist very honored her and treated her well, and even resided with his family consisting of his brother Fouad and his half-sister Mimi in their apartment in Zamalek.

And she was the only artist who visited with him his original village in Jabal al-Druze, where she met his family members, including his mother, which was not the case with Samia Jamal, with whom he had a romantic relationship for many years.

Although Farid al-Atrash fell in love with the Algerian Laila, this story lasted only 5 years because of her association with a Moroccan football player called “Belmahjoub”.

She married him in 1955 for 57 years and then retired from art. The artistic cooperation between Laila Al-Jazaery and Farid Al-Atrash resulted in only 3 films.

Laila participated with Farid al-Atrash in only 3 films: You don’t have a limit and I want to get married, and finally, the movie “Lhanh Habibi”, and the last appearance of the Algerian dancer, Lily, was in

A ceremony in honor of her was held in Algeria, and Lily talked about her artistic career and her marriage to the Moroccan player. The Algerian artist appeared at the age of 93 and she has completely changed.

Laila Al-Jazaery is now 93 years old. In an old interview, the artist, Laila Al-Jazaery, mentioned her suffering with the Egyptian dialect as soon as she came to Egypt, especially since she was

She speaks only French in Paris, and her relationship with Arabic was weak. Laila said: “She thought about dubbing, but the late artist, Farid al-Atrash, was not convinced by the idea, so he commissioned the radio broadcaster, Muhammad Alwan, to give me lessons in the Egyptian dialect and deliver them,

She added: “One day, Mamoun Al-Shennawi told me that Muhammad Abdel Wahab wanted to meet me, so I was afraid that the musician would be angry with me because of my preference to work with Farid Al-Atrash instead of him.

And I met Abdel Wahab in his office, and he surprised me to call Umm Kulthum from there, and gave me the headset to talk to her, so she asked me about my situation in nice terms, and if I was facing problems, I answered yes, so she assured me that all my problems would be resolved and I would not face any harassment after that.

She also mentioned that the choice of the name “Laila the Algerian” came after her joining Egypt, when Farid suggested that she change the nickname of Laila Hakim, which she was carrying, claiming that the name Hakim,

It means the popular doctor in Al-Mashareqah, so he suggested the title “Sultana”, so she agreed to this name, which we only give to servants in Algeria, until the opinion settled on the title of the Algerian Laila.



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