Google recently provided its app store with the Material You design, a fairly minor update. Now a new change is ready for the Play Store, and it has significantly more impact on users.

Google Play Store offers

The Google Play Store displays four tabs at the bottom of the navigation bar for most people, Games, Apps, Movies, and Books. If you have a subscription to Google Play Pass, a tab will be added. According to 9To5Google, we will all soon see at least five tabs, namely Games, Apps, Movies, Books and Offers. That extra button will be very interesting for us Dutch, because we like bargains.

The latter category is placed between Apps and Movies and contains “Offers for apps you might like”, and those offers are also found for Games. The cover images of the apps and games are larger than usual, and also show the deal expiration date. Below you will find, as usual, the information about the app. The new button in the navigation bar is not yet visible in the editors. So it seems that Google is picking out batches and is already rolling out the feature to users for testing.

Do you already see the button with Offers or Offers appear? Would you use that button a lot? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Offers or Offers in the Play Store

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