Complaints from consumers who have received and paid invoices from the payment service provider Klarna are gathering at consumer centers. Because despite “correctly paid invoices being returned for no apparent reason”. The consequences of the chargeback from Klarna: Klarna passes the claims on to a debt collection company and is collected with additional fees.

Klarna has developed into a firm fixture among payment service providers when it comes to purchasing on account. But the problem for many consumers seems to start when they are about to pay the bill. Affected customers describe the problems as follows: “An invoice was paid to Klarna by bank transfer within the specified time frame. Both the invoice amount and the purpose of use were specified. Nevertheless, the payment provider returned the money shortly after the transfer, in some cases several times. ”Subsequent calls and messages to Klarna came to nothing because the customer service staff couldn’t help.

Klarna: You mustn’t make these mistakes

Klarna rated the invoice as “not paid” after the remittance and then passed it on to a debt collection company. Ultimately then it turned out. That the intended purpose was incorrectly stated from the point of view of the payment service. According to consumer advocates, there are already the “smallest deviations” in the intended use. One consumer stated that, in addition to the intended use, she also gave her name when making the transfer. Another consumer paid three invoices from the same merchant in a bundled transfer and noted all three uses. A third consumer reports that the invoice presented to her had no intended use, whereupon she stated the invoice number as the intended use.

The consumer advocates suspect that the problem with Klarna lies in fully automated processes. When assigning payments, there seems to be a checking mechanism based on the exact comparison of the purpose number. Klarna confirmed this to consumer advocates. They criticize: “Klarna is therefore aware of the problem, but does not seem to see any reason to make the processes more consumer-friendly.”

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