We just left the longest day of the year behind us (yuck) and summer has officially begun (yay): July is in the starting blocks. What are we going to do now that there are already a lot of vaccines in the arms, the clubs are open again, and we seem to be heading for a ‘normal’ summer? Will it be hot & steamy, or are we on our guard? And what about work? We let the stars predict it.

Maandhoroscoop juli

The hard work of some zodiac signs is finally paying off: Aries can do it alone with a little energy and optimism, a project that Virgo has put a lot of effort into can now run on its own, Scorpio makes progress by sitting back for a while, and Gemini gets a completely self-complete option.

On the other hand, Capricorn will have to put her pride aside and Libra will run into a block – but either way, it will eventually good vibes in the universe. Sagittarius and Aquarius can already smell their chances, but have to wait a little longer. And that’s okay.

Below you will find the links to read what exactly is in the stars for you next month. Also this month: ELLE’s brand new song about love and lust. There is much more in it about the zodiac signs, because in this issue you will find our great summer horoscope. In addition, we spoke to experts about flirting, we give you the best style tips to stroll in and we tell you about sex care.

Run to the store or order it, we’d say. Although: after you’ve looked at your horoscope, of course (and if you want to read it more often? Save this URL to read your new horoscope daily.)

The monthly horoscopes of June 2021













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