“This is what the Nets need to ask Boston for Kevin Durant”

The Celtics seem favorites to acquire Kevin Durant in the event of a trade. But at what cost ? Because according to a famous analyst, Brooklyn should demand a very specific price from the franchise in Massachusetts… and it is enormous. So not sure that this will happen.

Almost a month after the opening of the transfer market, Kevin Durant still does not know where he will play next year. The winger would like to leave the Nets, but the concern is that the contenders for the league’s four-time leading scorer are dropping like flies. Miami, Toronto and Phoenix are out of contention, and the Warriors are plagued with salary cap issues. In the end, only Boston is still considered a credible candidate.

Finalists this year, the Greens and Whites have moreover made a first offer to GM Sean Marks. However, he refused it on the spot, wishing to obtain more for his superstar. According to Chris Broussard, analyst for Fox Sports, he should ask for a very specific counterpart to his counterpart Brad Stevens. If the latter agrees, then the Slim Reaper could well lead the Massachusetts team from the fall:

The XXL package Brooklyn could demand for KD

The Celtics seem ready to give up Jaylen Brown or even Marcus Smart to get it. If I’m the Nets, I’m asking for Robert Williams III plus three first-round picks… If they’re willing to accept that kind of deal, then maybe it will happen. Anyway, outside of a deal with the Celtics, where do you want him to go?

The package seems very thick, but at the same time, we are talking about one of the best players on the planet and the Nets have no desire to sell him off. It must be said that they may have a hidden reason for this… Nevertheless, although he submits this possibility, Broussard does not really believe in a departure from n°7. According to him, Durantula should start 2022-23 well wearing the colors of the New York superteazm, because nothing would favor a transfer for him in the current context:

KD has been upset about a lot of things with the Nets, like Kyrie Irving, but he’ll get over it. In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that Kevin Durant stays in Brooklyn. There just aren’t any offers that are worth a superstar like Kevin Durant, especially since he has four years left on his contract and he’s not going to strike in order to walk away.

Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams III as well as first round picks: this is what Brooklyn must therefore demand from the Celtics to part with Kevin Durant. If the Greens and Whites refuse, then we can assume that he will not go away.

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