This is what the first Geralt model, created in 2002, looked like.


Thanks to Sebastian Zelinsky, the head of development of the first “Witcher», You can find out what the first model looked like Geralt… This is the oldest image of the White Wolf, which after so long was found on disk by the then project manager. Zielinsky, who is now trying to revive the Mortyr series, managed to find two animations of the same character in the archives, both on a black and on a colored background.

In the first phase of production, The Witcher was not built with BioWare’s Aurora Engine. Initially, the developers believed that they would be able to create an RPG on the IC engine, on which the shooter Mortyr 2093-1944 was previously developed. Sebastian Zieliński was its author, so he faced the problem of adapting it to a completely different game in terms of genre.

Geralt’s model was presented in more detail in the press, in particular in the ód supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza.

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