This is what the digital corona vaccination certificate brings

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Vaccination certificate via smartphone: From today, complete Covid-19 vaccinations and survived infections can also be proven by a certificate on the smartphone. Pharmacies and vaccination centers have been issuing the proof since Monday morning. The most important questions and answers:

What is the digital vaccination certificate?

Evidence is an additional way of documenting your vaccination status. Vaccinated persons can use it – in addition to the yellow paper vaccination card – to save their status as well as vaccination data and vaccines on their smartphone. This is a printed document with a QR code or barcode. This is used to import the certificate into suitable apps.

What are the advantages for me?

Basically everyone who also provides a vaccination certificate or a vaccination certificate with corresponding entries – for example, the exemption from any test obligations or quarantine requirements. In addition, the digital proof saves you having to carry the yellow booklet or the even larger GDR vaccination books. That way, they don’t do any harm, and you don’t immediately report all of your vaccinations during a check-up.

Who can get the proof?

Currently all fully vaccinated people. According to the Robert Koch Institute, that was around 21.3 million people in Germany on June 11, and thus around 25.7 percent of the population. In principle, according to the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), all people who are entitled to a vaccination can have the proof issued in addition to the analogue vaccination certificate.

What does it cost me?

“This is set up by the ministry as a free service,” says a spokesman for the German Pharmacists’ Association. This applies to the vaccinated. However, the system is not completely free: the pharmacies settle the evidence with the public health system.

Where can I get the proof?

Starting this Monday (June 14th), participating pharmacies will issue proof of vaccination for people who have already been vaccinated. Anyone who receives their second vaccination in a vaccination center from today should receive the proof there. Further pharmacies and medical practices are to follow by the end of June.

In the coming days, many vaccination centers will begin sending certificates to people who have already been vaccinated. However, this is only possible if this data is also available. This is not the case in all vaccination centers. If you can’t get a letter, you can go through the pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Right from the start, the certificate will not be available everywhere, says Spahn: “It is now starting, step by step vaccination centers and medical practices will be connected. It will not be possible to all of them right away.” The aim is for the CovPass to be available to everyone by the end of June.

How do I find an exhibiting pharmacy?

You can find participating pharmacies in the area on the website. The German Pharmacists Association expects that initially only a limited number of pharmacies will be there. In case of doubt, a look at the portal saves a futile tour to the nearest pharmacy.

Which documents do I need for the exhibition?

Anyone who can only prove the vaccination afterwards needs a vaccination certificate or vaccination certificate and an official photo ID. After the documents have been checked, the evidence is then created.

Which apps can I use for verification?

Vaccinated people have the choice: Both the Corona Warning App (CWA) and the AppCovPass can save the certificates in the current version by scanning the QR or barcode on the vaccination certificate. The apps save the evidence locally on the phone.

Both apps run on all current Android and iOS smartphones (operating systems from iOS12 or Android 6). If you have not installed it, you can get it free of charge in the respective app store. They do not differ in their function of proof. CovPass does not have the CWA’s contact tracking function, which some have declined.

How does a verification of the evidence work?

There will be a review app for service providers. It can be used to scan the evidence from the respective display using the smartphone camera. It then works like ticket controls or boarding at the airport. In order to avoid misuse, the data may be compared with an official photo ID.

What data is stored in the evidence?

According to the BMG, the vaccination certificate contains information on vaccination status, vaccination date, vaccine, name and date of birth. The collected data is only saved for the creation of the certificate and then deleted. After they have been read into the app, they are only saved there. Central storage is not planned. As with the yellow vaccination booklet, the same applies: Spreading photos of the digital vaccination certificate on social media is a bad idea.

Can you save multiple certificates in one app?

According to BMG information, digital vaccination certificates of partners and children can also be saved. In the future, it should also be possible to save recovered evidence in the apps in order to prove that an infection has been overcome. According to the documentation, the certificates can be scanned from the sheet into the app any number of times. So you can use it on multiple phones. This is also useful if you lose a phone or get a new one.

Will digital proof be compulsory?

No. The yellow vaccination card and the certificates from the vaccination center or doctor are still valid. Those who do not have digital proof or do not want it can continue to use the yellow booklet. According to the BMG, this is “a voluntary and additional offer”.

Can I go traveling again with the ID?

The EU Parliament on Wednesday gave the green light for a vaccination certificate that is valid throughout Europe. According to the BMG, the digital vaccination certificate fulfills the requirements of the European solution “from the start”. Health Minister Spahn said on Thursday: The aim is that the certificate can be read across Europe. But that is in the hands of the individual countries, which are responsible for the technical implementation.

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