This is what the characters of ‘Twilight’ should look like according to the description of the books

The performance of the twilight actors was undoubtedly one of the best, but have you ever wondered how they really are according to the books, today we will show you.

The vampire saga of Twilight has been very successful in the audience of young people and adultsthis story was created by the writer Stephenie Meyer, it came to the screen thanks to the directors Catherine Hardwicke, Bill Condon, Chris WeitzDavid Sladewith the protagonists Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, in addition to a great cast.

The cinematographic adaptation of novels was not easy when they carried out the casting and characterizationWell, although we love the actors, they tried to be as accurate as possible to the books and some managed to meet the physical characteristics of the characters in the novel, but others did not. Today we show you the characters of the novel compared against the famous.

Rosalie Hale – Nikki Reed

A difficult character to adapt on screen, the vampire with a classic beauty, in the film she is described as exuberant and intimidating, we believe that Nikki Reed is very similar physically to the novel, don’t you think?

Alice Cullen – Ashley Greene

Edward’s sister, the prettiest girl in the books, a frail figure With speed in her movements and an angelic face, in the film she was more mature than the 17 years she appeared. But she is still beautiful, at least that is how her fans catalog her.

Jane – Dakota Fanning

This character who does Dakota Fanning It looks nothing like the description in the books, she was not as small, nor as androgynous as it was captured in the novels, her collected blonde hair is too much, since her haircut was short in the original story of the book.

Esme Cllen – Elizabeth Reaser

The mother of the vampire clan is as nice on screen as she is in the books., only the darkening of the hair failed as the franchise progressed. Still we think Elizabeth Reaser did it perfectly.

Charlie Swan – Billy Burke

Bella’s father, Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) is a nice man in the pages of Meyers, in fact he came across perfectly in the movie, it just took the curlier hair to match.

Jacob Black – Taylor Lautner

The lycanthrope went through various transformations throughout the four Twilight films.from being a nice young man to a full-fledged man with chiseled features and reddish skin, very similar to the one Taylor Lautner played.

Edward Cullen – Robert Pattinson

His milky features, with dark circles, copper-colored hair make him look like he was taken from a shampoo ad, he was the closest thing to the reading character, he only lacked the clothing of the time, more formal, from then on Robert Pattinson he was the right lead.

Bella Swan – Kristen Stewart

In the book she is described as the nice girl, but not attractiveit is also said that he never understands what is happening around him despite trying hard, very similar to the character he played Kristen Stewart.



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